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About Us

The most meaningful part of ourselves is our story. I've struggled for a very long time after losing my mother. Twenty-eight years later, I cried on her death anniversary the entire weekend. Reflecting about the day she passed, which was the 28th day, I heard the Holy Spirit then reminded me it has been 28 years. I couldn't believe it! I then went into isolation and followed the purpose that God had for me. 

Many are unaware about the cause colon cancer. It starts with multiple genes that are hereditary. The mutations in these genes are connected with what is called lynch syndrome. Two years ago I tested positive for that gene and my daughter also tested positive at just twenty-one years old. Through Lottiepop28 we hope to inspire, educate, and save peoples live who are as risk of colon cancer. The best part is that we created a foundation and a portion of the proceeds will help with genetic testing for lynch syndrome. 


"You were born for such a time as this" (Esther 4:14)